Welcome to the "Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented Children"

The Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented Children was founded on 11/1/2008 in Freising (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts) with the goal of offering a broad spectrum of services aiming at promoting talent development.

Our centre is specialized in identifying and promoting gifted children and teenagers (3-18), as well as coaching and counselling their parents and educators. We have built a strong network with experts both inside and outside of Germany

Our highly qualified specialist team is looking forward in meeting you.


The Bavarian Center for gifted and talented children offers a broad spectrum of services for gifted children parents and specialists involved in special education.

Our daily work includes psychological and pedagogical consultancy, diagnosis and therapy.

We specialise in teacher training and can organise both workshops and lectures to meet your school needs in gifted education.

Furthermore we offer scientific events for children (ex. project "Wissensdurst") as well as further education and scientific papers concerning high ability.

International conferences are important for our centre. We not only attend them, but we have organised them as well.

Our conferences have been held in Freising (2008) and in Rosenheim (2009). We will have our third conference in Deggendorf on May 20, 2010.

We are excited to create a first time global virtual meeting every month for experts, teachers and parents in Secondlife.

If you are interested in a special program for your school, group or club please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Teacher Training Workshops



We offer counseling in the following languages: Farsi, German, English, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and Italian.


The Bavarian Centre for gifted and talented children is the right place for gifted and highly gifted children as well as their families and all persons, who are involved in gifted education.

Every child has potential and need support to achieve his/her fullest ability.

Being gifted does not necessarily mean being efficient.

Therefore we don't focus on efficiency but on individual skills and abilities.

We are the first institution of this type in Bavaria coaching and counselling gifted children and their families both psychologically and pedagogically.

Our contacts with national and international scientists and institutions guarantee knowladge of the latest scientific developments.�

Our Vision

It's our vision to hand over our experiences and knowledge to the next generation of gifted children and guide them on their way to develop their special talents.

Our philosophy

High ability is a fact which must not be ignored.

Talents and abilities are resources which must not be neglected by the public.

This is what we stand for.

It is not our intention to create any sort of elite. Fact is gifted children are not better than other children. There are just different, and because they are different, they have special needs. We aim to create a suitable environment for the children and youngsters where they can adequately develop their special talents and gifts.

The psychic and physical health of the children and their happiness is the yardstick of our work.


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